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Thursday, February 5, 2015

FIFA 11: 2014-15 Season Update patch

This patch is based on FIFA 15, and will 'update' FIFA 11 to the 2014-15 season
The squads (player stats, team tactics, ...) are exactly same as the FIFA 15 ea' squad updates
graphics (kits, faces, ...) are mostly from fifa 15, combined with files from FIFA online 3 & FIFA 15 mods
(fifa online 3 have updated 2014-15 --FIFA 15-- graphics, & use same fifa 11 engine)
- fifa 15: kits, minifaces, ...
- fifa online 3: faces, shoes (models), stadiums, New Gameplay, ...

The most important thing of the patch is that it wont give errors when you play online:
- garanteed no missing heads or hair
- No missing textures (boots, GK gloves, addboards)
- kits: the "ONLINE version" is made so kits have the same colours as the old kits (like paris-saint germain, ...): So you wont play red vs red kits by mistake (for your opponent/teammate) when you play online

2 things u need to do before playing online (unless our opponent/friends have same patch):
- Selector > Select database > "ONLINE version" > Apply database
- Selector > Gameplay > "No New Gameplay (original FIFA 11)" or "New Gameplay (Online Compatible)" > Apply Gameplay

this patch is completely free,
only thing I may ask u: if u like it tell others about it

Download links:

- Patch: (*1)
- 2014-15 Patch (v0.5): http://www.soccergaming.com/forums/s...&postcount=165
- 2014-15 Patch (v0.6): http://www.soccergaming.com/forums/s...29#post3770329
- 2014-15 Patch (v0.7): http://www.soccergaming.com/forums/s...56#post3777356 New 19.01.2015

- Add-ons : (*2)
Russian commentary (original FIFA 11): http://www.mediafire.com/download/73...ys_Russian.rar
Spanish commentary (original FIFA 11): http://www.mediafire.com/download/7m...ys_Spanish.rar
Portuguese commentary (original FIFA 11): http://www.mediafire.com/download/z5...Portuguese.rar
Japanese commentary (original FIFA 11): http://www.soccergaming.com/forums/s...&postcount=361 New 14.01.2015

English commentary (from FIFA online 3): http://www.soccergaming.com/forums/s...&postcount=362 New 14.01.2015
Korean commentary (from FIFA online 3): http://www.soccergaming.com/forums/s...postcount=1189 Updated 03.06.14
Taiwanese commentary (from FIFA online 3):http://www.soccergaming.com/forums/s...postcount=1185 Updated 03.06.14
Chinese commentary (from FIFA online 3): http://www.soccergaming.com/forums/s...postcount=1186 Updated 03.06.14

Graphic optimizer - tool: http://www.soccergaming.com/forums/s...postcount=1021
Change intro: http://www.soccergaming.com/forums/s...postcount=1062 Updated 30.09.13

Leagues & World Cup patch (v1.1): http://www.soccergaming.com/forums/s....php?p=3633271 New Version 29.09.14

(*1) Patch:
recommended to install all of the list (in order of release)
--> Install instruction see under

(*2) Add-ons:
additional files/patches for who wants them installed besides the 'main' 2014-15 patches
(instructions included)
-->can also be found here (after install 2014-15 patch):
Selector > About > Update... > tab "List"

Play online (FREE - gameranger) --> http://www.gameranger.com/
FIFA 11 online tournaments --> http://fifa11.fra.co/
Russian Support of patch | Русская поддержка пата (MyContest) --> http://mycontest.com.ua/forum/index....iia-po-patchu/


- FIFA 11 Selector
included program to change options of the patch the way you like

* switchable squads (+ backup function)
* change new gameplay options
* change intro movie
* enable/disable new music
* xtra options: "run windowed" & "skip intro"
* change winter settings: enable winterballs, winter accesoires
* change arena: stadium, goalkeeper, ball
* change scoreboards
* players - change sleeves, tucked, undershorts, tight kits, sock, winter accs, shoes, ...
* enable/disable Tattoos
* tournament graphics: change to (Champions league, EL, WC, ...) graphics (like ball, adboards, shoes, ...)
* Support > Help, Performance optimizer, ...
* Updater (About > Update...) : warns automaticly when new update avaible

- Squads:
* Official EA squad-update from FIFA 15
* 3 new Leagues (ea license): Chile's Campeonato Nacional Petrobras, Colombia's Liga Postobón, Argentine Primera División
(brazil/Czech leagues removed)
* rest of world (ea license): shakhtar donetsk
* New promoted teams
* career & tournement: new leagues (colombia, chile, argentina) & new Cups (Copa Libertadores, Saudi Crown Prince Cup, german supercup, copa argentina, ...)

- Kits
* all 2014-15 kits (FIFA 15 + improvements) + updated numbers & name fonts
* classic kits (from fifa 15) --> List: http://www.futhead.com/15/items/kits...l/all/all/all/
* xtra GK kits (random chosen at each match)
* Champions league kits (+ correct numbers/fonts)
* referee kits: english leagues, CL, EL, ...

- faces:
* FIFA online 3 models (= FIFA 15 + exclusive FO3)
* generic faces: improved (fifa online 3)
* all faces avaible online & offline (= online compatible)

- Balls (full list included at download)
* all new league balls (from FIFA 15)
* winter & snow balls (hi-vis, ..)
* CL ball, EL, ...

- Shoes (full list included at download)
+ updated assignments
* correct models (nike magista "socks", ...)
* assign shoes to players for specific tournaments (CL, EL, ...) with Selector

- 15 new stadiums (9 playable for game):
* Etihad Stadium (mancity)
* BC Place Stadium (Vancouver Whitecaps)
* Molton Road (generic stadium)
* Arena da Baixada (Atlético Paranaense)
* Arena Corinthians (Corinthians)
* Fonte Nova (Esporte Clube Bahia)
* Estádio Beira-Rio (Sport Club Internacional)
* Mineirão (Cruzeiro Esporte Clube)
* Estádio do Maracanã (brazil national team, Flamengo, Fluminense, Botafogo)
* Arena Amazonia WC'14 (avaible as Arena Stadium only)
* Arena Pantanal WC'14 (avaible as Arena Stadium only)
* Arena Pernambuco WC'14 (avaible as Arena Stadium only)
* Estádio Castelão WC'14 (avaible as Arena Stadium only)
* Arena das Dunas WC'14 (avaible as Arena Stadium only)
* Estadio Nacional WC'14 (avaible as Arena Stadium only)

- Adboards
* specific adboards for teams & leagues

- 30.000+ new mini-faces

- new banners & flags

- New feature: tight kits

- New feature: sock heights (high, normal, low)

- new body & jersey (kit)--models (fifa online 3)

- New sideline people: medics, photographers, cameraman, ballboy, police, steward, generic peoples

- goalkeeper gloves

- New winter-gloves: black nike

- xtra goalnet-coulours
* Anfield
* Parc des Princes
* Etihad Stadium
* Estadio Vicente Calderon
* ...

- updated / licensed logos & names (teams, leagues, trophies,...)

- New Intro & improved menus:
* realife player-pictures
* ...

- realistic sponsers for career
* Nike, ...

- optional (can be turned on/off):
* new gameplay (from game fifa online 3)
* New scoreboards
* New music
* tattoos for players
* Performance Optimizer

- reprogrammed files (.lua files): as based on the work of scouser09 's Revolution Mod
makes it possible to add new features to the game, wich are fully online compatible:
* new faces (now online compatible)
* kits: away/3th GK kits, specific referee kits, ...
* shoe assignments: unlimited shoe-ids can be assigned (+ now online compatible)
* balls: assign winter/snow balls
* adboards: assign specific adboards to teams
* tattoos: assign playerskins (tattoos) to players
* goalnet-coulours: assign goalnet-coulours to specific teams/stadiums (+ now online compatible)
* kit name-fonts: can be assigned outside the database (+ now online compatible)
* arena: assign stadium & gk kit
* 'classic' graphics: assign specific textures (adboards, balls, referee kits, ...) to the classic kit wich is selected
* (winter) accessories improvements
* ...

garanteed compatibility with online mode: no missing textures, ... for other players
Supported languages: english, Czech, dutch, french, german, hungary, italian, spanish (2X), portuguese, polish, russian

1. install fifa 11
2. install ea patch (1.01)

3. install 2014-15 patch (v0.5) for FIFA 11
* run installer "2014-15 patch (v0.5) for FIFA 11 (part 1).exe"
* run installer "2014-15 patch (v0.5) for FIFA 11 (part 2).exe"
4. install 2014-15 patch (v0.6) for FIFA 11
* run installer "2014-15 patch (v0.6) for FIFA 11.exe"
5. install 2014-15 patch (v0.7) for FIFA 11
* run installer "2014-15 patch (v0.7) for FIFA 11.exe"

- Selector dont start up (if u have .net 2.0) : copy included "Selector (.NET 2.0 version)" folder content to FIFA 11 folder
- Install v0.5 on clean version of FIFA 11: http://www.soccergaming.com/forums/s...&postcount=174
- to apply new Squads: Open Selector > Select database > "1. Default squads (Updated)" > ONLINE version / OFFLINE version > Apply Database

thanks too: liv_tyler, sumanrbr, matic7, manu74, obama, tennyutza, The Wizard, Axej, IRPT, Erevos, dissectionalone, EmilianoVidela, luca77, vigil (fifamania.it), cosicasteph (fifafrance), ManUtdFan20, Fidel Gameplay, GG90, support from the forum, ...

FIFA 14 : Classic Patch

Classic Patch 14



Overwrite Database in (FIFA 14\Game\data\db)


World Cup 1930 - 2002
Euro Cup 1960 - 1976
European Cup 1955-60 - 1960-65 - 1965-70 - 1970-75
Latina Cup 1950-55 - 1955-60

How to install.
1) install FIFA14 Clean Verion
2) Install Revolution Mod 14
3) Install patch (Overwrite all)
4) Regen
5) Play


New face pack make by vinloo_9

This faces will not be added in the patch because don't like the texture (make with FaceGen)

How to install.
1) unpack all in FIFA 14\Game\data\sceneassets
2) Open CM14 and active the specific face for every players in the list.
3) Regen)


Argentine : Goycoechea, Claudio Lopez, Gallardo, Tarantini, BALBO, CALDERON, SENSINI
France : Janvion, Leboeuf, Micoud, Vercruysse, Olivier, Bats, Christianval, Boghossian, Amoros, LIZARAZU v2, Bossis, Bellone, Ettori, Stopyra, Xuereb, Battiston, Piantoni, Penverne, Vincent, Djorkaeff, LAMA v2, Charbonnier, Papin, WILTORD v2, Fernandez, Genghini, Diomede, Guivarch, Karembeu, Candela, Larqué, Bathenay, Lacombe, Six, LE ROUX, BIBARD, BERGEROO, RUST, SIAUDEAU
Bresil : Aldair, Branco, Galvao, Mozer, Ricardo Gomes, Ricardo Rocha, Valdo, Muller, Casagrande, Marcio Santos, Vampeta
Italie : Benarrivo, Carnevale, Minotti, Appolini, de agostini, Evani, Montella, Delvecchio, Chinaga, Capello, Spinosi, DI BAGGIO v2, Ferri, Chiesa, Marochini, Pessoto, Cois, Moriero, DI LIVIO, MASSARO
Paraguay : CHILAVERT v2
Norvege : Flo,
Uruguay : Fonseca
Hongrie : KOVACS
Cameroon : Oman-Biyik
Bulgarie : Kostadinov, Sirakov, Balakov
Autriche : Polster
Pays-Bas : Rob Witchge, Bogarde, Cocu, Hasselbaink, Kieft, ROY v2, Winter, Bosman, Van Hooijdonk, Wouters, Van't Ship, Van Vossel, Van Gobbel, Numan, Jonk, R Van Der Kerkhof, Suurbier, Haan, De wolf, Rijberger, Jansen, E Koeman
Belgique : Grun, Degryse, Deflandre, Boffin, Ceuleman
Roumanie : Raduciou, Lacatus, Lupescu, Belodedici, Moldovan,
URSS : Aleinikov, Dassaev, Kidiathouline, Kuznetzov, Protassov, Shalimov, Yakovenko, Salenko
Tchecoslovaquie : Kubik, Moravsik, shuravy
Suede : Green, Limpar, P.Andersson, K.Andersson, Dalhin, Schwarz, Thern, Ingesson
Allemagne : Rahn, Kelbassa, Jancker, Basler, Gaudino, Hassler, Heinrich, Helmer, Jeremies, Kirsten, Marschall, Moeller, Tarnat, Thon, Ziege, Illgner, Forster, Allofs
Suisse : Geiger, Sutter, Orhel, Herr, Knup, Hottiger
Portugal : Frechaut, Joao Paulo, Bento, Jorge Costa, Conceicao, Baia, Caneira, Barbosa, Sousa
Croatie : Stanic, Asanovic, Jarni, Vlaovic
Yougoslavie : Susic, Z.Vujovic, Hadzibejic, Mihajlovic, JUGOVIC v2, Halilhodzic, Zoran Vujovic, Milosevic
Angleterre : Keown, Merson, Ince, Batty, Dorigo, Steven, Stevens, Le Saux, Parker, Walker, Woods, Butcher, Wright, Robson, Hateley, Wilkins, Andersson, Hodge, Hoddle, HUNT, CALLAGHAN
Irlande : Bonner, Cascarino
Danemark : J.Olsen
Slovénie : Zahovic
Turquie : Sas
Algérie : Ben Mabrouk, Liegeon, Madjer
Espagne : Abelardo, Alfonso, Amor, Bakero, Begueristein, Ferrer, Goicoetxea, Gueirerro, Martin Vasquez, Michel, Salinas, Sergi, Camacho, Curro TOrres, Juanfran, Mendieta, Morientes, Tristan, Zubizaretta
Maroc : Naybet, Bassir, Hadji

FIFA 13 : Fifaccitiu Super League Patch

version 0.79 - Need Modding Way patch 1.9.1!!!!

  • SuperLeague overwrites English Premier League and subdivisions
  • Top club over around the world will play in it.
  • Career files reworked
  • Gameplayzed DB v3

New Graphics please as logos,balls and adboards. Feel free to use your creativity to create SuperLeague divisions logo as well balls and adboards. You will be credited, of course.

ModdingWay for ModdingWay Patch 1.9.1 (you have to install it from Moddingway site before you use this patch)

Install Instructions:
Make a backup of your [Game\data\db] folder and your [Game\dlc] folder.
Unpack the zip in the FIFA 13 folder, be sure to oveerwrite the file that Windows ask to.

Unistall Instructions
Download this file : http://j.gs/2657004/restoremw191
Unpack in Fifa 13 Folder.
Reselect your preferred DB from moddingway selector.

Next Update
From 31 July, with latest Moddingway patch.
I hope to insert new graphics and language files.



Wednesday, February 4, 2015

FIFA 14: FPRL 14 PATCH(Spring Edition)

FPRL 14 (Spring Edition) - DOWNLOAD NOW !!! (CLICK)

After 3 months of hard work, FIFAPro is back in business with its latest creation, this time for FIFA 14. FPRL (Spring Edition) is jam-packed with top notch additions that will make players experience some amazing moments while enjoying seeing their favorite teams from the romanian league fightning for both the national title and cup.

FPRL 14 features the following additions:
The inclusion of the entire first league (Liga 1 - 18 teams) with:
• Home, Away, GK and Alternative kits for each single team
• Accurately depicted players with appropriate attributes and traits (height, weight, birth date and contracts) with 50 extremely detailed player faces
• Realistic referees, adboards, banners and budgets
• Customised tactics and formations
4 teams from the second league (Liga a 2-a), all being licensed within FIFA 14 with exactly the same quality when compared to the first tier league (Liga 1) teams
Overhauled romanian national team
Updated game database with the latest transfers and team licenses (name + logos) from bothromanian and international leagues (March 7th 2014)
Professional and reliable installer
DigiSport Presentation Graphics (ADD-ON -> CLICK TO DOWNLOAD !!!)
Custom Team Chants for the most popular teams (ADD-ON -> CLICK TO DOWNLOAD !!!)
Revisited Graphics (ADD-ON - CLICK TO DOWNLOAD !!!)
Many other new features that improve the general experience within FIFA 14

FPRL 14 (Spring Edition) - Official Trailer

Official Installation Tutorial

• N-Razvan - DB, minifaces, GUI, adboards, scoreboard
• body_mu - DB, kits
• Marius09 - kits
• bogdandan - adboards
• silver - faces
• Celebrimbor - faces
• Damien, LcK, Baba Adamu - banners
• Mihai 20 CM - graphics addon
• Merdiso - installer, team chants, graphics addon
• CipryFCD - minifaces
• Rob92 - minifaces
• Freak - kits
• WinCool - kits
• Mastertrap21 - site administration
• regularcat - international league logos
• Claudiu FCOG, valaho - BETA Testers

Special thanks go to:
scouser (FIFA-Infinity): Revolution Mod
iard68: FIFA 14 Regenerator
Rinaldo: Creation Master 14

© FIFAPro 2014 - All Rights Reserved ©

FIFA 14: Ukrainian Premier League Patch 2014

Patch include:
1. All 16 UPL teams.(replace Poland Extraklassa).
2. Ukraine national team.(replace Poland).
3. Real home, away, GK and third kits.
4. Minifaces to all added players.
5. Real adboards, flags and banners to all teams.
6. Ukraine League and Cup are featured in both Career Mode and Tournament Mode.
7. 2 teams from Ukraine in UCL and 4 in EL, like a real.
8. Added new new menu pics and start pics.
9. Latest rosters and accurate skills.

only ENG and RUS game mode compatible!

Creators FIFAManager.com.ua team:
-Ukr N-, pavlo_koz, Alex G, alex.ua, Wied, Blumer

Special thanks and credits:
• ariel and all makers for moddingwaypatch 0.6(UPL build and include this one);
• scouser09 for Revolution Mod 14;
• Rinaldo for DB Master and Creation Master 14;
• jenkey1002 for FIFA File Explorer 2014 and FIFA 14 Full File Loader

Screes(clic to zoom) later will add more


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