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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

FIFA 12 : RM 12 v.2.0 (Russian league and Belarus league patch)

FifaRevolution team is pleased to present you the second version of the patch for FIFA 12, which completely updates the Russian Premier League, as well as add the FNL and the Belarus league.

The content of the patch:
- All teams RPL as of season 2012/13
- All teams FNL as of season 2012/13 (as for normal work in the career of the league to 20 teams, the FNL have also been added to Avangard (Kursk), Akademia (Togliatti) and MITOS (Novocherkassk))
- Updated Cup of Russia take part in it and the team FNL.
- Belarus Vyshaya League - all teams as of season 2012/13
- Updated the composition of the top leagues in Europe
- Added a fully playable league in career
- Transfers in RPL, FNL, BPL, major transfers in the world
- New teams: Algeria, Japan, Ukraine, Armenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Belarus, Serbia.
- Russian U-21 National team
- New teams in "Rest of the world": Shakhtar (Donetsk, Ukraine), Dynamo (Kiev, Ukraine), Sokol (Saratov, Russia), Fakel (Voronezh, Russia), Gazovik (Orenburg, Russia), Chernomorets (Novorossiysk, Russia) , Partizan (Serbia), Red Star Belgrade (Serbia), Fenerbahce (Turkey), Besiktas (Turkey), Slavia (Mozyr, Belarus), Dnepr (Mogilev, Belarus)
- Real popups for RPL and Barclays Premier League (for screens with a resolution of 4:3)
- Real alboards for some commands RPL and the FNL, alboards for RPL, Spanish League and Barclays Premier League
- Fantasy balls for some commands FNL, as well as balls adidas Europass and adidas Feveronova.
- A real budget, just pick skills to all players.
- Updated kits for many teams (patch added 554 new kits)
- A large number of people for many players
- Fixed all bugs of previous versions
- New logos for countries and national teams
- Matches RPL and the FNL serve the real referees
- Updated FA Community Shield and the UEFA Super Cup.

- Download the patch
- Files from the archive in folders Fifa 12/Game
- Regenerate files in CM12.

Fifarevolution team
Database: SED, tn-ural, Bateshnik, Fifaman017, SOUND +
Forms: SED, Fifaman017, maxi9494, unit37, kenny007, FrostBite, CriRo, devil9, SamSon, 35TRONE, Boca, Punk'sPlay, NeIkOn_48, G.Q., DomInator.
Flags: Sunti, tn-ural, SED, Fifaman017, Boca, BuTeK48.
Shields: SED, tn-ural, Fifaman017, nikita_arshavin_19.
Persons: SED, Fifaman017, Guarin_91, SONNY BLACK, OverNight. Art1k.
Minifeysy: Fifaman017, tn-ural, Gaijin, Sanchez30RUS, THE ARSENAL, SED, ronaldo7, Sunti, ZNL.
Logos: tn-ural, SED.
Special thanks to: HIT MAN, Vladtol, nimnim, andu89, Opeel 89, aNuke, Sam Red Devil, Vadios, Dikobraz, DomInator, krijaso95.

For correct work this patch you must play in russian language in FIFA 12.

Belarus teams in Ireland League. Ireland teams in Belarus league.




FIFA 13: Moldavian League Patch

This patch replaces the Denmark Superliga.

-Real rosters for 2012/13 season
-Divizia Nationala and Cupa Moldovei in tournament mode
-Playable manager mode with Divizia Nationala
-Real flags and banners
-Real kits
-Referee info and Stadium names
-Real cup graphics in the tournament menu
-Chantpacks for Zimbru, Dacia, Milsami, Tiraspol
-New title screen

Supported languages: PL, ENG

darrek1988 - database, flags, banners, chantpacks, kits, logos, cup graphics
damian9910. (FIFA Polonia) - kits
Celtian (FIFACZ) - kits

Special thanks to dr.DeV for kit templates.

Please backup your files in data/loc and saves in My documents

1. Copy the files to your FIFA 13/Game folder
2. Regenerate

1. Copy the needed files to CChants\ (or any other folder you wish)
2. Open WMP and create a playlist
3. Add files to the playlist (You can choose max 5 chants per playlist or the game will crash)
4. Save the playlist and play the game
5. In the settings go to "my playlists" screen and assign your playlists to the needed team
6. Play a match



FIFA 13 : FP T-Mobile Ekstraklasa Patch 2013

Few days ago at FIFAPolonia.PL we released FP T-Mobile Ekstraklasa Patch, which completly refreshes polish league in FIFA 13.

- Home/Away/GK Kits for all T-Mobile Ekstraklasa (Polish league) teams
- Home/Away/GK Kits for Polish National Team
- authentic flags for all T-Mobile Ekstraklasa teams
- authentic flags for Polish National Team
- authentic adboards for all T-Mobile Ekstraklasa teams (specific for every team)
- authentic teamlogos
- real club names (Polish & English db)
- real tournament names (Polish & English db)
- authentic T-Mobile Ekstraklasa Ball 2012/2013 (summer/winter version)
- minikits for online mode (for all T-Mobile Ekstraklasa teams)
- new Zina referee kits, specific for T-Mobile Ekstraklas
- new Adidas referee kits for other tournaments...
- authentic jerseyfont and kitnumbers for T-Mobile Ekstraklasa
- new generic GK kits
- new turfs
- chants for all T-Mobile Ekstraklasa team
- new Uhlsport Gloves
- updated Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII ACC - Retro/Orange/Red Boots
- added faces: Sadlok, Wolski, Szczęsny, Tytoń, Wasilewski, Obraniak, Murawski, Dudka, Arboleda, Mila
- compatible with online mode / don't have an impact on database


DOWNLOAD: FP T-Mobile Ekstraklasa Patch

FIFA 13 : Bulgarian Football League 13 Patch

v1.0 Content:
- All 16 teams from Bulgarian A Group with their current rosters
- All 14 teams from Bulgarian B Group with their current rosters
- Real home, away, gk (and third if team has) for all 30 teams in A and B Groups
- Real kits for bulgarian referees
- Real banners for all teams from A Group
- Real flags and logos for all teams from A and B Groups
- Real adboards for all teams from A and B Groups
- 2D minifaces for as many players as I found pictures on the net
- 41 real faces for Bulgarian players
- Real referees from A and B Groups (only names, not faces)
- All teams from both groups are playable in Career Mode and Tournaments mode (A Group, B Group, Bulgarian Cup and Bulgarian Supercup is included as tournaments in Tournament Mode)
- Update roster and kits for Bulgarian National Football Team
- Chants for some Bulgarian teams

and many, many more.

v1.1 Content:

Fixed problems:

- corrects the ages of players which were wrong
- crash when playing with or againt Lokomotiv Sofia in Career Mode
- teams budgets decreased

New stuff:

- current rosters (11.01.2013) for Bulgarian A Group teams
- new 3D faces (Iliyan Yordanov(Levski Sofia), Cristovao Ramos(Levski Sofia) and Joao Silva(Levski Sofia)) and some updated 3D faces (Stanislav Angelov(Levski Sofia) and Marcinho(Levski Sofia))
- new minifaces

Credits to alex93 for the 3D faces!

NOTE: The patch makes Polish Ekstraklasa and Korean League UNPLAYABLE in Career Mode.
NOTE: You DO NOT need v1.0 if you want to install v1.1

Download v1.0: MediaFire.COM | FileBeam.COM
Download v1.1: MediaFire.COM | FileBeam.COM

FIFA 13: Ukrainian Premier League Patch (UPL 13)

Ukrainian Premier League Patch (UPL 13) By fifamanager.com.ua

Today i am happy to present you, our latest patch - UPL 13 1.0.

Patch include:
1. All 16 UPL teams.(replace Poland Extraklassa)
2. Ukraine and Croatia national teams.(replace Poland and Hungary)
3. Real home, away, GK and third kits.
4. More than 100 high quality faces.
5. Real adboards, flags and banners to all teams
6. Ukraine League and Cup are featured in both Career Mode and Tournament Mode.
7. Specific scoreboard.
8. 2 teams from Ukraine in UCL and 3 in EL, like a real.
9. Added new video preview, menu pics and career pics.
10. Latest rosters and accurate skills.
11. Tournament realistic schedule.
12. Retro kits.

only ENG and RUS game mode compatible!
Authors: fifamanager.com.ua team (-Ukr N-, Alex G, alex.ua, BOJARsky, Curtin, RuS Yalta, Wied)

Special thanks to:
• darrek1988 for schedule;
• iard68 for FIFA 13 Regenerator;
• scouser09 for Revolution Mod 13;
• regularcat for Logo and pitch;
• Rinaldo for DB Master and Creation Master;
• thebaddie for Creation Studio 13.

DOWNLOAD LINK http://www.moddingway.com/file/30834.html

If you have trouble with team names you need to download this 0.3, install it, than install 1.0.

some screens:

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