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Monday, May 2, 2011

Rome: Total War Mod — The Lord of the Rings – Total War

Lord of the Rings fans, listen up. Few games allow you to capture the epic feel of LOTR’s massive battles, but this mod strives to do just that.
The Lord of the Rings – Total War is a total conversion for the Alexander expansion of Rome: Total War. It has a complete Middle Earth map, from Harad to Forodwaith, and from Grey Heavens to Rhun, and features fully customized cities like Minas Tirith, and a historic battles from the trilogy, such as the Last Alliance, the Battle for Helm’s Deep, and the Pelennor Fields
- Gondor
- Rohan
- Isengard
- Mordor
- Easterlings
- Haradrim
- Galadhrim Elves
- Noldor Elves
- Silvan Elves
- Dwarven Clans
- Men of Dale
- Orc Rabbles
- Dunlendings
- Free Peoples
Watch this footage and tell me you don’t want to play this:
Visit the mod’s official forum, or download The Lord of the Rings – Total War now.
Don’t forget to also grab patch 2.08c.


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