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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

GTA San Andreas Gotham City(Batman Mod)

To see our progress:
Leader: Agent BK (BlUeSnOOpY) (author of vehicles)
Co-leader: James (author of characters)
How cool would it be, to play as Batman in GTA: San Andreas!!!
This mod will include:
- Batman Suits for CJ (batman begins, forever, animated etc.)
- Batman villains (Mr. Freeze, Nightwing, Joker,Penguin etc.)
- Batvehicles (tumbler, animated batmobile, batwing, copter etc.)
- Wayne Manor and Cave under it
- New Loading Screens
- Batman related billboards
- Instead of the parachute the Batman Cape will fold out.
- missions (that is only if we get help)
- weapons
Whats finished:
- Batman Suits for CJ (check gallery to see which suits are done)
- Batman villains (check gallery to see which villains are done)
- Batvehicles (check gallery to see which vehicles are done)
- Batman related billboards
- Batman Cape (I think I will also try to texture it...)
Whats not done:
- Wayne Manor and Cave under it
- New Loading Screens
- missions (that is only if we get help)
- weapons
- Batman villains (not all)
We would be really grateful if someone would help us with coding:
- Missions
- gfx hack
- batmobiles have different nitro as normal vehicles
- door fix on some batmobiles
- batman theme music in background
- batmobiles take no damage
- tumbler has to jump higher
- batman jumps higher and lands normally
- parachoote could be opened manually
- u can change clothes in cave
- grapling hook
- police missions with batmobiles
- etc.
Warning: we will be satisfied if we only get some of these things coded!
Thank you!
here is also a batmod poster:

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