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Friday, April 29, 2011

ARMA 2 Mod — City Life RPG

With the state of today’s MMORPG genre, it’s no secret that the word “roleplaying” has become virtually meaningless. Well, the developers of this online ARMA 2 mod are unapologetic about their enforcement of roleplay, and I say good for them.
City Life RPG 2 offers an online community with custom addons, developed over years into one of longest running mods in the Armed Assault series.

- Assets from the Operation Arrowhead expansion for ArmA2: extra content cars, torches, thermal imaging which is used on our police helicopter, and more
- Improved player save system
- A variety of custom cars and structures, ambulance and fire stations, Police headquarters with training rooms, Chargers, Challengers, BMW’s, and shooting ranges
- A range of jobs and situations: from lawyer to drug baron, mayor to repo man
The developers do have some requirements. Players must be aged 16+, must be registered members of their forums , must be on their TeamSpeak3 server with a working microphone when the play, and must be willing to roleplay.
The game server password is available only on the TeamSpeak server.
Here’s some gameplay footage, featuring police chasing down bank robbers. I must admit–it’s exciting, because to my understanding, both the cops and the robbers are human players.
Download the City Life RPG launcher here.

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John evans said...

Fantastic RPG!! you need to get in the server its awesome!

Anonymous said...

The admins run around like madmen and ban all that question them. Horrible experience.

Saharukh Hasan Mollah said...

:O ??

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